Menopause Symptoms

June 3rd, 2008

Nobody is ever going to recommend the symptoms of menopause as a way to enjoy oneself. There just isn’t anything that you can possibly say that is positive about the symptoms of menopause. They are miserable! All of them! But women between the ages of 45 and 55 will get to experience these symptoms no matter how hard they try to avoid them. Continue reading »

Defining Menopause

May 24th, 2008

The medical community generally defines menopause as the cessation of menstrual cycles. That definition, in my opinion, is about as accurate as one describing a hurricane as a rainstorm. There is a lot more to the process of menopause than simply the cessation of menstrual cycles. Continue reading »

Attitude and Menopause

May 24th, 2008

The saying “mind over matter” means that the mind can control the physical. I’ve heard about people who can move objects by just thinking about them moving. I’ve never met one of the phenomenons personally, but I have heard about them, and I do believe that they exist.

The mind is powerful, and science is only just beginning to scratch the surface of understanding the relationship between the mind and the physical body. Continue reading »

Anxiety and Menopause

May 24th, 2008

Anxiety associated with menopause usually is the predecessor of depression. We all become a bit anxious from time to time as our situations warrant, but that isn’t the kind of anxiety that we are talking about here. We are talking about the overwhelming anxiety associated with menopause. Continue reading »

Natural Ways to Rejuvenate your Sex Life for those Older that 60

May 6th, 2008

naturalwaysIf you want to have a better sex life later in life then you do now, you can work to rejuvenate it. When was the last time you really took some time to pamper yourself? If it has been a while then take some time to do so. Go get a new outfit and a hair cut or color. Buy some new make up and plan a romantic dinner for you and your partner.

Allow yourself some time to fantasize about sex during the day as well. Take a nice warm bath before bed. You can picture what you will do with your partner when you are done with the bath. Leave them a detailed note in the morning about plans for the evening. It can certainly make a huge difference in the way you see each other romantically. Keep it fresh and alive so that no one gets bored with the sexual activity that is taking place. Continue reading »